Anchors and Netting

Retaining Systems

What is a Retaining System?

The term “Retaining System” refers to the structural system that retains soil and water and prevents it from collapsing.  Many types of retaining systems exist. These include:

Slope Stabilisation

Soil & Slope stabilisation methods:

  • Embankment Stabilisation
  • Ground Retention
  • Geogrid
  • Landslide Mitigation

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be:

  • Concrete: Cast-in-situ, Precast
  • Gravity Block Structures
  • Anchored Systems
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Piled Solutions

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Soil Nailing / Ground Anchoring

Our soil nailing / ground anchoring options include:

  • Ground Anchoring systems
  • Soil Nailing
  • Shotcreting
  • Rock Netting

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Selecting whether a retaining wall or soil nailing is required as a retaining system depends on a wide range of factors such as:

  • Economical
  • Soil conditions
  • Protection of adjacent structures
  • Ease of construction
  • Environmental issues

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