Self Drill Micro Piles

What are Self Drill Micro Piles?

Self Drill Micro Pile

Self Drill Micro Pile

In piling, a self drill micro pile is one of many forms of Mini Piling. A self drill micro pile uses a hollow threadbar with a sacrificial drill bit which is drilled into the ground using grout as a flushing method. This results in a grout body within the ground containing a high tensile steel bar.

Self drill micro piles are effective in a variety of ground conditions, including gravel, clay, rock, sand and made ground. This method of mini piling is used in a wide range of projects including rail related work and foundation upgrades, stabilisation and underpinning as well as facade retention, tension piles, road works and bridge works.


Process Steps for Self Drill Micro Piles:

Step 1: Set up with drill bit at Pile position.

Step 2: Drill and inject grout simultaneously.

Step 3: Drill to desired depth using couplers to add extra lengths of threaded hollow bar as necessary.

Step 4: Secure anchor plate with two load bearing nuts and cast into concrete beam.


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